About Us

Traveler is born from the amount of comments received in each photo of our trips, the interest and the illusion of each of them for every corner of the world that we create in a social network, the need to explain and provide more details of each experience lived and The satisfaction of gathering information for you. Knowing or bearing in mind that somehow in the future, members are part of this community of adventurers, and encouraging others beyond their limits, always with a sporty adventure, ecological or backpacking style.

The team of Traveler Adventure is a united and active group, which sees in each trip, the possibility to grow as integrated people and to know the wonders that exist around the world. Bearing in mind that the lessons that each trip does not leave us, it is a piece of sand that you can contribute on the web to recommend, advise or simply open your mind, to live the experiences that we like to live in us. Learning from the logos and errors of each route, the places visited in the most desolate corners of the crowded and the people they find in each environment we visit.