Trail From Pico Areeiro to Pico Ruivo

Levadas of Madeira: Central mountainous massif The mother of all walks, a paradise for hiking lovers, demanding, with steep slopes but with views and rock formations that compensate for any physical effort. These are the main characteristics of this important path that joins the highest peaks of the island Pico Areeiro to Pico Ruivo and […]

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Climbing in Madeira Island
escalada en madeira

A lot of mountains and a few climbers In Germany we have few mountains and many climbers, here it is the opposite” were these words what a tourist told me when I was only a few days in Madeira and I was just beginning to explore and climbing in Madeira island. And the reality is […]

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Madeira Walks: Routes of the Caldeirãos
Caldeirao verde

Madeira walks: Routes of the Caldeirãos Caldeirão Verde is one of the most talked about cascades and tried by tourists when they come to Madeira, however it is one of the most remote on the island. Initially, it is necessary to travel to the town of Santana on the north coast of the island. After […]

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Discover the amazing world of the MTB on Madeira Island

MTB on Madeira Island The beautiful island of Madeira is one of the paradises the adventure sports lovers in general, and the sports of Mountain Bike (MTB) or All terrain Bicycles (ATB), are one of the most sought after lately by European athletes, they have discovered on the island,  challenging and highly competitive roads, in […]

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Pico Grande, Madeira Island

Pico Grande, Madeira Island, isn’t the highest peak on the island. nor the best conditioned for its ascent, nor is it a route frequented by mass tourism. However, this peak is positioned in a privileged central location, which allows to enjoy some amazing views of the central massif of the island. Alpine Trails: From Emcumeada […]

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