A lot of mountains and a few climbers

In Germany we have few mountains and many climbers, here it is the opposite” were these words what a tourist told me when I was only a few days in Madeira and I was just beginning to explore and climbing in Madeira island. And the reality is that despite the high number of tourists visiting the archipelago, the practice of climbing in Madeira is an unknown paradise for lovers of this sport worldwide. Just imagine climbing all year long in front of the sea with spectacular sunsets. Attractive, no?

Escalada en Madeira
Climbing in Madeira Island © Edgar Moya / Traveler Adventure


Madeira Climbing

However with the passing of months and after following traces of equipped routes I found a small but large group dedicated to the practice of climbing in Madeira. Skilled, consistent, friendly in a family and eager to promote the sport and being in charge of opening and equipping routes throughout the island. Organized each week, they plan between two or three activities depending on the availability of the group.

rapel ponta de sao lourenco
Ana Gomes making rapel in Ponta de São Lourenço © Ricardo de Abreu / Traveler Adventure


Some sites for the practice of climbing in Madeira

To practice climbing in Madeira, so far, no special permits are needed except under the airport where the wall is rented € 4 per hour. There are routes of all levels and for all tastes. From the artificial wall climbing under the airport, simple routes and easy to ride “top rope” as in Playa Formosa and Ponta de São Lourenço, as well as intermediate and difficult as in Ponta do Sol and Ribera Brava. It is also possible to climb in classic style in some sectors and make psycho block (without a rope where you fall directly to the sea). New routes of great tourist attraction are still being opened for the near future in the highest areas of the island.


Main places in detail:

Praia Formosa: at the end of the beach, exactly in the area of ​​Praia dos Namorados where there are two large rocks, one that enters the sea and the second at the foot of the roads that go to Camara de Lobos.

Escalada Praia Formosa
Praia Formosa © Edgar Moya / Traveler Adventure

Ponta do Sol: after the panoramic yellow restaurant that is located above the beach, just in front of the bridge.

Escalada en Ponta do Sol
Ponta do Sol © Edgar Moya / Traveler Adventure

Ribeira Brava: At the end of the beach on the left near the roundabout.

Grupo Madeira Climbing en Ribeira Brava © Rui Gomes / Traveler Adventure
Madeira Climbing group in Ribeira Brava © Rui Gomes / Traveler Adventure

Agua de Pena Park: Under the airport, at the end of the park, there is an artificial wall ideal for the winter season, where rain can be an impediment to climb natural rock.

Escalada agua de pena
Fernando Pacheco escalando en Parque Agua de Pena © Rui Gomes / Traveler Adventure

Details and contacts

If you have all your own equipment, at good time just come and explore. In addition to climbing Madeira has spectacular adventure tourism potential. If you don’t have equipment do you worry, there are some companies offering these services. You can contact me through this blog for more information or even accompany you in a nice climb in Madeira. You can also follow by facebook the group of climbers like Madeira Climbing, they will gladly assist you. The best time to climb is in the evenings during the summer, with long days where the sun goes down after 9:00 PM and the temperature is cooler. The rock is sometimes fragile and brittle, take special care in this. There is still a lot of potential and ways to open. I say goodbye remembering that you always climb safely, inspect your equipment before and after each activity.

Daniele Zandegiacomo y Luis Rodrigues escalando en Ponta do Sol © Edgar Moya / Traveler Adventure
Daniele Zandegiacomo y Luis Rodrigues escalando en Ponta do Sol © Edgar Moya / Traveler Adventure

2 thoughts to “Climbing in Madeira Island

  • Robert Hutton

    Hi, I am on holiday in Madeira from the 6 may and would like to keep climbing fit you mention that their are some climbing near Funchal is there a topo to the routes or any gyms that might available to keep fit.

    Thanks for the blog post Rob

    • Edgar Moya

      Hi, here un Madeira we have some spots around the island, and near to funchal. If you want you can come with us. Tuesdays and Thursdays on the afternoon if you want you can add me to WhatsApp +351918001225. Thanks for the contact 🤜🤛


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